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Putting Your Health First With
Metabolic Typing™

The most accurate and comprehensive program for individualised, customised nutrition available today

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a whole-body approach to wellness
Do you really want to know what the root cause's of your health challenges are?

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The Brain Wellness Program
Are you ready to find out the benefits of knowing your brain chemistry?

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What is MTEnergie about?​

We’re all about EMPOWERING you to find your truth birthright and reach your Optimum Health. We use a holistic approach, which identifies where you are now through further analysis and where you would like to be. Your wellbeing is purely designed and the result of your environment/lifestyle choices (95%) and your genetics (5%).

Seeking first to understand what your health challenges are, Magnus can evaluate your current level of wellbeing by using five main methods: Neurogistics (urine sample, which measures Neurotransmitters in your brain, like Serotonin and Dopamine), Hair Tissue and Mineral Analysis (HTMA will measure toxic metals, nutrient mineral levels and ratios), Metabolic Typing (identifying the right foods for you at a cellular level this is the most accurate and comprehensive program for individualised, customised nutrition available today ), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN – if you prefer drug-free, natural solutions to your health issues and if you’d rather find the underlying cause instead of just treating your symptoms!) and CHEK HLC protocols (Personalised comprehensive individual reports, highlighting which areas of your wellbeing are important).

Magnus’ CD – ‘The 10 Habits to Vitality’ 3 Cd’s​

Expert health and lifestyle advice for in the home or on the move!

These empowering Cd’s will insprire you on your journey to health. They are a reminder about HOW TO take control of your health and they will insprire you HOW TO make the necessary distinctions in order to reap the rewards of Optimum Health.

The big questions are- “How much is your health worth to you?”, “How much would you pay someone to teach you HOW TO take control?”, “What is the MEANING of your quality of life?

MTenergie Metabolic Typing

Magnus Speaking About His Work​​