If you can’t measure your level of health and wellbeing, then how do we know what to do or even where to go? We feel it will serve you to know where you are at and identify where you would like to be.

  1. Metabolic Typing ( contact us for practitioner code) is the most accurate and comprehensive programme for individualised, tailor-made-just-for-you, nutritional and lifestyle programme. You’ll find out what foods are right for you and which supplements will help boost your immune system. It will also go beyond that and offer you more lifestyle knowledge, which will EMPOWER you.

Metabolic Typing Diet – It’s Your Journey To Health

  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ( HTMA document ) will identify your toxic metal and nutrient mineral levels as well as mineral rations (indicator of glandular functions – Thyroid, Adrenals and general vitality).

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

  1. Using Neurogistics, “The Brain Wellness Programme” you’ll find out how your neurotransmitters are working (Serotonin, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, GABA, PEA, Glutamate). These neurotransmitters control your whole wellbeing as well as your feel good factor.

  2. The comprehensive CHEK HLC programme will identify which areas in your life and on your body need to be dealt with first and what are the causes to any symptoms and signs of a Compromised Immune System.

  3. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) will cover Hormonal, Digestive, Detoxification & Immune pathways through appropriate lab testing. When these four systems become dysfunctional or break down, they present themselves as signs and symptoms in your body such as fatigue, weight gain, reduced libido, constipation/diarrhea, depression, acne, other skin rashes, PAIN and more. To fix any of the above you’ll be required to find the root cause/s. Just working out or restricting what you eat and drink will not necessarily allow your body to heal, in fact it may make it even worse!

If you are interested in changing your direction and aiming towards a healthier life, vitality, increased energy, permanent weight loss, preventing and reversing disease, increasing your concentration, improving overall sense of wellbeing, decreasing your food cravings and perpetuating your youth, or even teaching others HOW To become healthy then contact us now .

Our work comes guaranteed and we will respond within three working days.

What’s the cost and what do I get for my money?

The cost is dependent on which benefit you choose and our services come guaranteed.

The Platinum Nutritional Coach Programme is the most successful and comprehensive.  Changing old habits for some may be a challenge.  This programme allows you to move at your own pace, yet at the same time makes you accountable to your own decisions.

You are a professor and a master at what you do. Making your own choices and changing your own direction will mean your professorial title is replaced with another that will of service to you and you will reap the benefits of increased vitality, quality of life and all over wellbeing.

Remember, your body has the innate intelligence to mend itself, no one has ever healed anyone of anything, only your body given the right ‘menu’ (and I don’t just mean foods!) will heal itself.

How do you feel?

If you have regular negative health issues such as fatigue, arthritis, headaches, flu-like symptoms, dizziness, constipation, bladder infections, depression, insomnia and many more common ‘westerner diseases’, why not consider changing the direction you’ve currently going. Reading books like “The Metabolic Typing Diet” (Wolcott & Fahey, 2000), Dr Abravenel’s Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan” (Abravanel & Morrison, 1999), and “Nutrition and your Mind” (Watson 1965) will provide you with many case studies , explaining their clients conditions and treatments provided as well as giving you the research and recipes.

When people’s chronic health problems are addressed in a symptomatic way, they often experience temporary relief. The problem/s however never seem to go away. What then normally happens is they shift to other parts of your body or rear their ugly head again later on in places you don’t want them to be seen! Generally speaking when you go to the Doctor, he/she provides you with a pill/s to treat the specific disease or symptoms, rather than a broader approach that analyses the physiological & chemical imbalances/disturbances that underlie chronic health disorders.

“… in the entire history of medical science, there has not been one chronic, metabolic disease that has ever been cured or prevented by drugs, surgery or mechanical manipulation of the body” Krebs, Ernst PhD.  A metabolic disease is one which occurs within the body and is not transmittable to another person

“There is no treatment or drug, which can overcome or negate the effects of poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle”  Getoff, David

“One Man’s food is another man’s poison” Lucretius Roman Healer/Philosopher succinctly observed some 2000 years ago.

When the student is ready…. He/she starts to listen!  Life can be likened to a journey on a train.  People get on and off, you have pit stops and sometimes bumpy rides!  10% of life is what happens to you and 90% about what you do with what happens to you.  If you do not feel well, would it not make sense to see a person who deals in health and here’s the important bit… is healthy, rather than a person who deals with dis-ease?

What happens after your first set of results from Neurogistics and MT Energie?

It would be great to know visually as well as mentally, physically and emotionally how well you are doing on your new healthy lifestyle journey.  We recommend that you follow the guidelines offered by Neurogistics and keep in touch with your Certified Neurogistics Practitioner (CNP).  You may notice and feel changes occurring in your body and wellbeing in general, that can be normal detoxification reactions.  You’re body is starting to fire on more ‘cylinders’ and wishes to remove toxins from your body.  Your practitioner is there to help you!

Keep following your Diet Record Sheets as part of the Metabolic Typing (MT) process, so you can measure the reaction foods have on your body between 1 and 2 hours after consumption. Complete the Blocking Factors and Toxic Load forms and work through eliminating these from your lifestyle.

It is recommended for HTMA and MT that you follow up with a re-test between three and six months later. (A MT re-test will be £80.00 (HMTA £70) and will include a 45 minute phone/personal consultation)
Fine tuning your macro nutrients and bringing in supplements straight away will speed up your bodies healing process.  Supplements are secondary to eating the foods right for you; however they play a vital role in improving and maintaining your health and vitality.  These quality supplements can be bought at Synergistics Europe and also Ultralife Inc which have been designed specifically for individuals who know their Metabolic Type. They contain ‘alive’ enzymes, vitamins and minerals, essential for improved health.

First STEP

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