These EMPOWERING CD’s will ‘remind’ you HOW TO take control of your health and will inspire you HOW TO make those necessary distinctions in order to reap the rewards of Optimum Health. The big questions are, “How much is your health worth to you?”, “How much would you pay someone to teach you HOW TO take control?”

“What is the MEANING of your quality of life?”

These simple, easy to use 10 Habits to Vitality, will invite you on a journey to gain a greater understanding as to WHAT and WHICH HABITS you have created in your life, which do or DO NOT serve you and those around you.

  1. Habit #1 “Create the thoughts that serve you” What is your mindset ‘blue print’ set up for? Success or Victim status? How do you move from a negative POLARITY to a POSITIVE POLARITY?

  2. Habit #2 “Remember HOW TO Breathe like a baby”; Practice is the Mother of Skill. Examples are provided, which explain HOW TO increase your daily energy levels.

  3. Habit #3 “Drink Good Water Daily” What is stopping you from drinking more water/good herbal teas? HOW can you easily increase your water intake and WHY.

  4. Habit #4 “Eat the Foods Right for You” Your bodies 50-70 trillion cells are only as healthy as what your body processes. What are you consuming which takes away from your life line and what are the 7 Sins?

  5. Habit #5 “Get to Bed by 2230hrs” What are the real benefits of getting to bed and HOW can you get into a deep sleep, which will allow your body to heal you. WHAT stops you?

  6. Habit #6 “Do some Creative Movement Daily” What exercise/s could you perform that make you feel great? What are your barriers to doing exercise?

  7. Habit #7 “Be the Source of Fun and Celebrate your Successes” What does fun look like to you? What are you doing daily which are successes?

  8. Habit #8 “The Definition of Insanity” Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result!

  9. Habit #9 “Self Discovery – Practice forgiveness of others and self” WHAT are the simple tools to letting go. Becoming CONSCIOUS and taking immediate control of your state of mind. Letting go of the past, that’s why it’s called the PAST!

  10. Habits #10 “Have a clear purpose with an open loving heart and leave a legacy behind you” If you could choose to do anything that did not lead to failure, what would you choose to do? Anything!