Do you really want to know what the root cause/s are of your health challenges? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and seeing ‘specialists’ who continually prescribe you drugs, which may at best treat your symptoms but never find your aetiology (root cause)?  That’s like taking your car to the garage to have your clutch plate replaced every month, when all you are required to do is to learn how to drive properly! It’s far more EMPOWERING when you make the necessary changes in your life, rather than thinking a pill, potion, tonic, elixir, will heal you!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

What is the definition of insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting a different result” Yet, when you stop and think about modern ‘health care’ and wellness solutions, insanity reigns supreme.

It truly is NOT about: Calories in VS calories out, or taking pills, potions, elixirs of life in a bottle or even tonics, etc. People are starting to WAKE UP and realize that our dis-ease management system (aka health care) does exactly that, ‘manages the dis-ease’, rather than inspiring it’s patients on a journey to take control of their own health. Patients then become ‘victims’, dis-empowered in their thinking and actions that what’s missing on a cellular level from their body and which will be the panacea of their ills is a big pharmaceutical drug!

What’s the result so far?: If you live in a ‘developed’ nation then we have some frightening statistics showing we have the sickest, fattest, most addictive obese society in the history of the world!

Are you ready for CHANGE and to TAKE CONTROL of your life and then inspire others to do the same? You will simply teach others just by being that example, becoming the change you want to see in this world and living a healthy, happy life!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is your commitment and responsibility to transforming and EMPOWERING your life making health a priority, while finding balance in your lifestyle choices. FDN is a totally unique programme, which is designed to allow your body to heal you from the inside out, just as Mother

Nature has taught us to do for millennia.

A quick reminder… that you’ll be learning from healthy people HOW TO achieve your true OPTIMUM HEALTH. Health and sickness are both choices. We will educate you on the right choices to make, which will EMPOWER YOU and we’ll also go beneath the surface and identify those hidden stressors lurking within.

WHAT and WHEN you eat/drink as well as your creative movements (exercise) are vitally important, but these are only two pieces of a much larger puzzle. Your health and appearance are built upon a strong foundation of the following systems:

  1. Hormonal

  2. Digestive

  3. Detoxification

  4. Immune

FDN will cover each aspect above through appropriate lab testing. When any of these four systems become dysfunctional or break down, they present themselves as signs and symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain, reduced libido, constipation/diarrhea, depression, acne, other skin rashes, PAIN and more. To fix any of the above you’ll be required to find the root cause/s. Just working out or restricting what you eat and drink will not necessarily allow your body to heal, in fact it may make it even worse!

By investigating and discovering internal malfunctions through listening, collecting information, and utilizing easy-to-use functional lab kits, we work with you to eliminate them through diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as using natural supplement protocols if required.

The crux of our work is to identify the aetiology and invite you on a journey to a more fulfilling happy and healthy lifestyle.

In order to find the cause, all clients must complete the following test kits to take part in this program. Testing keeps us from GUESSING!

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